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The Citizen, Jul 25, 2018

Fayette County Post 105 of The American Legion honored the memory of one of their departed members with the presentation of a display box for the burial flag of Legionnaire Fred Drew, WWII US Navy veteran and member of Post 105.  Members Rick Toole and Renee Truitt, his wife Elenor Drew, his daughter Pat Houlihan, and members Shellee Brown and Dave Niebes were on hand for the presentation. Post 105 meets the second Monday of each month at the historic Log Cabin in Fayetteville.

Fayette County News, May 30, 2018

Gone, but never forgotten. American Legion Post 105 hosted their annual Memorial Day commemoration Monday. Rain may have forced ceremonies indoors to the Log Cabin, but it could not dampen the spirit of mourning and gratitude for those that made the ultimate sacrifice.  Fayetteville Mayor Ed Johnson, who is a U.S. Navy veteran along with his wife, expressed their thanks for all that served. 

“We truly believe it is important for us to honor those who served, especially those who paid the ultimate sacrifice,” he said. “What greater deed is there than to die with conviction and courage and in protection of one’s country.”

Even when they are long gone from this earth, their sacrifice must still be honored.

“The men and women who have given their lives in service to this nation are indisputably heroes. When their country called, they answered,” he said. “Those who sacrificed must never be forgotten. We owe a debt of gratitude and respect to those who served and who died honorably.”

State Rep. Josh Bonner asked the crowd to keep veterans who died not in combat, but back stateside in their hearts.  “I want to honor the warriors that have fallen on the field of hopelessness and despair,” he said, noting that stats show an average of 22 veterans per day commit suicide.  He shared the story of Sgt. Daniel Summers, an Iraq veteran, who wrote he was “too trapped in a war to be at peace, too damaged to be at war.”

Bonner urged everyone stand with veterans in their time of need. “His death is worthy of remembrance, and for us it should be a call to action.”

The Citizen, Apr 25, 2018

The American Legion Post 105 presented the HNL Running Club with a letter of appreciation May 14 for the club’s donation to the post.  HNL held a Ruck March and the proceeds were donated to the post by way of 32 chairs and a rolling rack to store them.  Pictured are Post 105 Commander Ray Willcocks and HNL Running Club members Joshua Shelton, Lindsey Hausmann, and Matt Rusk.

The Citizen, Apr 25, 2018

Local public safety staff were honored at the recent Safety Awards program sponsored by American Legion Post 105 in Fayetteville. The award recipients were chosen by their peers and supervisors for exhibiting superior dedication to their profession and to the community. Pictured, from left, are Fayetteville Fire Department Battalion Chief Jeff Gable, Fayette County Fire Lt. Eric Williams, Fayette County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Chris Kent, and standing in for Fayetteville Officer Michael Perry was his supervisor, Capt. Patty Kent of the Fayetteville Police Department. Officer Perry is presently on Active Duty Training with the Georgia Army National Guard. 

The Citizen, Jun 7, 2017


Fayette County Post 105 of The American Legion awarded 2 distinctive medals to cadets from the Fayette County High School Army JROTC “Tiger Battalion.”This year, the 2017 Scholastic Excellence Medal was presented to Cadet Jacob Lalicata. Cadet Moriah Mussenden was selected to receive the 2017 Military Excellence Medal. Legionnaire Dave Niebes, left, presenting the medal to Cadet Lalicata. Post 105 has supported the Tiger Battalion since 2012 and meets the second Monday of each month at the American Legion “Log Cabin” in Fayetteville.



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The Citizen, Sep 24, 2014


Members of American Legion posts 50 and 105 accept a proclamation from the Fayette County Board of Commissioners naming Sept. 16 “The American Legion Day in Fayette County.  Thanks to members John Kiely, Ray Willcocks and Pat Hicks who stepped forward to attend as representatives of our Post. 

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